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Now that you've greeted everyone and sat them down, it's time to sit back and relax , have some food and a drink.

When it comes time for food (if there is any), having the food laid out on a food table (like a buffet) is best, as is using disposable plates, knives, forks etc.


Invite guests to the food table one (or two if a couple) at a time, while you (as the host) hold a disposable plate (with a towel - so you don't actually touch it) standing behind the table and maintaining a 2 metre distance from your guests.  Ask what they would like and put it on the plate.  This includes any condiments.


This way the guests get to pick what they want without touching anything.

Have disposable knives, forks, napkins "bundled" for them separately to take as they go back to their seats.

The same applies for "seconds".

For drinks, hopefully people did as requested and brought their own.  Have disposable glasses laid out on a table when the guests arrive.  

Like food, there should be no sampling/sharing of drinks.

Most importantly, to party responsibly you need to drink responsibly.  Drinking too much is not conducive to responsbile partying.  When people drink too much they don't think as clearly and inevitably they will break the social distancing guidelines.  It is just not good in this environment.  

Also, if you need a designated driver, arrange it in advance (preferably with someone you live with).  

Lastly, make sure you have accessible garbage containers for people to dispose of their used plates, napkins, glasses etc.

That's it!  Time to sit back and relax!

One other thing.  If you have pets, keep them inside while you are outside.

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Do you have a tip/idea on how to make a gathering a little better in a COVID-19 environment while following restrictions?  Tell us about it so we can share it!

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